A2 Rated Energy Efficient House, Galway.

Patrick McCabe Architects have just completed an A2 rated house in Galway City. Architectural quality is complimented by the sustainable and energy agenda to produce a highly  energy efficient house to near passive standard.

Renewable energy is harnessed via solar panels, photovoltaic panels and a state of the art  air to water heat pump. Highly insulated and air tight, the house employs a Heat Recovery Ventilation System to ensure optimum indoor air quality.

This 200 m2 modest sized house does not rely on oil or gas and heating costs are less than 40% of that of more conventional homes. “As architects we do not believe that design or architectural quality should be compromised or dictated by the sustainable agenda. The interiors in this house are light filled, with good spatial flow between rooms, and a positive relationship to the outside.”

The Building Energy Rating ( BER) is A2 giving an energy performance of  approx. 34.45kWh/m2/yr. This covers energy use for space heating, water heating, ventilation and lighting, calculated on the basis of standard occupancy. “A” rated properties are the most energy efficient and will tend to have the lowest energy bills. All of the Contractors, Sub contractors and Suppliers on this project are located in the west of Ireland, and the main contractor was Burns Construction.